Growth and Jobs have to become the new mottoes of EU. In line with the priorities of, and in the framework of the Italian Presidency of the Council of the EU, TECHITALY 2014 offers a unique opportunity to mobilise public and private sectors to transform global challenges into economic opportunities. The reference to industry is the key, if we intend to place real economy at the heart of our growth strategy, to revert the industrial decline and to reach, by 2020, the 20% target of GDP related to manufacture.

Participants will discuss about the most updated technologies, advanced researches and effective cooperation at EU and global level fostering the EU industrial competitiveness. The panellists will also share their visions on the needs to have more coordination of the national strategies, less fragmentation of the interventions, more cooperation on trans-border issues and less duplication of researches.
TechItaly 2014 “Boosting European Growth through Investments on Innovation” will host 4 sessions each of them focused on themes of high relevance for EU and the Italian Presidency of the Council.

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Session 1 - Thursday, September, 25th, European Parliament

The first session takes into consideration three aspects of the Societal Challenges, as defined by Horizon 2020, on which TechItaly wishes to promote deeper discussions: Cyber-security, Raw Materials, Demographic Changes: Global Challenges, Technology and Opportunities. The three different parallel high-level roundtables mainly intend to share views and elaborate new scenarios for innovation and investments [.......] 

Session 2 – Tuesday, November, 11th, European Parliament

The session on Food Safety and Quality is devoted to the relevance covered by those aspects in the food chain and how Expo Milano 2015 will place them under the spots. Expo 2015 will be an extraordinary universal event displaying tradition, creativity and innovation in the food related sectors from research to business. It will bring new light on the new global possibilities whose common core is the principle that everyone on the planet must have access to healthy, safe and sufficient food [.......]

Session 3 – Tuesday, November, 25th, Musées Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire

The session on Cultural Heritage will be focused on technologies for both restoration and fruition, allowing participants to highlight the special role played by this sector in promoting growth and create jobs in Europe [.......]

Session 4 – Wednesday, December, 3rd, European Parliament

Finally, the session dedicated to Innovative Infrastructures lays on the assumption that no growth can be achieved and sustained without targeted, efficient and pervasive infrastructure investments at European level. Trans-European networks in the fields of transport, energy and research will benefit citizens as well as companies across all Member States. Participants will discuss about a robust, predictable and stable regulatory framework to strengthen the market and attract long-term investments as well as smart grid infrastructures upon which new products and services can be built. [.......]