Growth and Jobs have to become the new mottoes of EU. In line with the priorities of and in the framework of the Italian Presidency of the Council of the EU, TECHITALY 2014 offers an unique opportunity to mobilise public and private sectors to transform global challenges into economic opportunities. The recent crisis put EU in troubled waters, further jeopardizing its economy, but gave the policy-makers and other stakeholders the chance to intervene on the true weaknesses of the European industrial production systems. More coordination of national strategies, less fragmentation of the interventions, more cooperation on trans-border issues and less duplication of researches are among the lessons learnt. The reference to industry is key if we really intend to place real economy at the heart of our growth strategy, to revert the industrial decline and reach, by 2020, the 20% target of GDP related to manufacture.

One of the features of our time is that today’s challenges are global, complex and need to be urgently solved. From ageing societies to security, from access to raw materials to the preservation of our cultural heritage, from food safety to energy and transport efficiency, the challenges are truly borderless, while the tools developed to tackle them are mainly national, weak and incomplete.

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