I Day – Conference – Residence of the Ambassador of Italy

Roundtable I: The EU circular economy package: the debate

Francesco LA CAMERA – The EU Circular Economy Package


Roundtable II: Towards a circular economy in Italy: national and regional experiences

Emmanuela PETTINAO – The Annual report “Italy of recycling”

Aldo CERIOTTI – Biochar: the Italian experience

Claudia BRUNORI – Technologies, tools and integrated approches for resource efficiency

Stefano FANTACONE – Challenges and opportunities for the Italian cleantech industries

Marco CODOGNOLA – Viscolube – A leading player in re-refining of waste lube oil and in the collection of special waste

Stefano SAVIOLA – Saviola Holding Srl – Recycled wood in the Circular Economy


II Day – Workshop and B2B, Espace Monte Paschi Belgio

PANEL I: Belgian Opportunities in the Circular Economy

Patricia FOSCOLO – The Brussels Capital Region – Programme Régional en économie circulaire

Dimitri STRYBOS – Flanders’ Materials Programme and the transition to a circular economy

Marc NOEL – Circular Economy. Where are we?


PANEL II: Italian and Belgian best-practices on circular economy

Aldo CERIOTTI – Closing the circle in organic waste management

Domenico SANTINO – Energy Audit for SMEs

Angelo CORALLO – Circular economy. An MRO Scenario

Francesco TARANTINO – Vinyloop – Innovation in the recycling for difficult-to-treat PVC wastes


PANEL III: The EU funding programs in support of circular economy

Vincenzo GENTE – Circular Economy in Horizon 2020

Angelo SALSI – Investing in EU green economy. LIFE as a catalyst of shift from linear to circular model

Marco FALZETTI – Circular economy in Horizon 2020