Federico Testa

Federico Testa is Full professor of Management and Director of the Department of Business Administration (BA) at the University of Verona. He graduated in Business Economics at the University of Padua in November 1978 and he started his academic career as Junior research fellow in BA at the Faculty of Economics, University of Verona. Since 1989, he has been part of the Editing Committee of Sinergie Italian Journal of Management, edited by CUEIM University Consortium, and since 1993 he is Associate Editor in the Central Editing Office in Verona. In 2006, he was elected member the X Parliamentary Committee (Industry, Commerce, Tourism), Italian Chamber of Deputies. He was reelected in 2008 and was then appointed as National Responsible for energy and public services within the Democratic Party. In 2013, he was elected Director of the Advisory Board of “Smart Energy Expo”, the first international event focused on energy efficiency. In 2014, he was appointed by ENEA as one of the highly experienced experts in charge of the assessment of proposals within the “Ideas for a sustainable development” project. As Chartered Accountant and Auditor, he collaborated with various municipalities as well as with multinational corporations. He also collaborated with entrepreneurial associations and SMEs to improve their competitiveness and marketing strategies. He was member of the Aspen Institute as energy expert. In August 2014 he was appointed as Commissioner of ENEA and in March 2016 as President of ENEA. His research interests focus on service management, especially public services and public utilities. He has published extensively in national and international academic journals, international conference proceedings and international economic daily newspapers.