Francesco Tarantino

After graduating as industrial engineer at Charleroi (B), Francesco Tarantino joined the Solvay Group and since July 2015, Inovyn “An INEOS company”, where he held various positions (Vinyl Chloride Monomer production, H2O2 and then sodium perborate with an expatriation in Houston (USA).

He starts his career in recycling PVC in 2002 as a Process Engineer in Ferrara. He took care to optimize this pilot plant classified Seveso 3, an innovative PVC recycling technology which produces a high-level purity PVC compound from low-quality waste.

Currently he is General Manager of Vinyloop Ferrara S.p.A.

Francesco has been taking part in the activities of industry associations in the plastics industry in general and the PVC industry in particular, as a member of various bodies, both national and European (PVC Forum Italia, Plastics Recycler Europe, Recovinyl, etc.). He is happy to combine his love for nature and environmental protection and his professional commitment to the development of recycling.