25/11/2014 (Royal Museums of Art and History "Cinquantenaire Museum")

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Cultural heritages are fundamental aspects of our identity and must be transferred to the next generations in the best possible conditions. Moreover European cultural heritage is of exceptional economic importance generating an estimated annual revenue of € 335 billion and (directly or indirectly) 9 million jobs. The market for conservation of this heritage is estimated at some € 5 billion per year. The research goals are related to improved damage assessment, development of innovative conservation strategies and integration of the most advanced technologies to allow their safe, sustainable and effective fruition in the context of the smart management of the city. Promoting culture and cultural assets is promoting creativity with precious feedback on the industrial innovation in any sector. The panelists and the participants will discuss the most advanced technologies for restoration and preservation as well as about the energetic sustainability of the historical buildings.


PANEL 1 - Preservation of cultural heritage 

The most advanced diagnostics and technologies are increasingly applied to the preservation of Cultural heritage pulling industries and investments in the sector. Restoration of cultural heritage is not only a moral duty, but also a source of industrial innovation, growth and jobs as they represent a very difficult environment where the best technological products and methodologies can be tested and eventually transferred to different contexts. The participants will discuss on a variety of interventions and about the most recent successful stories which lead to cultural and industrial innovation.


PANEL 2 - Protection and fruition of cultural heritages 

Cultural heritage needs care and promotion to express their best potentiality which is that to be the most effective ambassador of peace. Many are the technologies and the industries born around the protection and the promotion of cultural heritage and many enterprises apply the most sophisticated products to make sustainable the management of historical buildings and museums. The participants will discuss about different technologies ad hoc developed to protect cultural heritage in order to make safer and wider their fruition.