Marc Noel

Following his Ph. D. in Chemistry at Buffalo State (The State University of New York) in 1991 where was then mostly interested in the solvent properties and behavior of room temperature ionic liquids, Marc was offered a post-doctoral position in Germany and was awarded a Fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation to carry out work in chemistry and solid state physics.

Since 1994 Marc has been busy as a consultant focusing on Sustainable Development issues ( Strategy, Environmental and Energy affairs) advising business and public entities.

During these past 20 years, he has had the chance to address soil, water, air, noise, energy, legal, regulatory, and strategic issues for clients in various sectors such as food, metals, recycling, insurance, chemistry, cement, courts, waste and dangerous waste, Seveso… as well as assist boards of directors in strategy and investment opportunities and help write legislation.
A common link to all these activities is the concomitant use of scientific and business methods and know-how to bring appropriate solutions to complex problems.

As of September  2014, Marc’s expertise  is also used  by AWEX (Wallonia Export & Investment Agency, a governmental agency set up to promote trade and investment with a global perspective) as its Sustainable Development Expert, bringing both scientific/ technology and business advice support to the AWEX team and businesses from all over the world looking into setting up operations in Europe and specifically in Belgium.

Recently, Marc has been appointed to the Advisory Board of Capricon Venture Partners, based in Leuven.

Marc is also involved in non profit organisations as General Secretary and board member of LLN Hockey Club and board member of the Institute of Judiciary Experts in Belgium.